Get Rid Of Facial Hair And Enjoy Smooth Skin The Right Way With Our Special Turmeric Mix

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Hey, I’m Malcolm  Shaw and I run Silence In The Night where we use turmeric as an active ingredient to treat skin issues. Thanks to its properties as a retardant, turmeric helps to inhibit hair growth, thus reducing the amount of hair on your face. With our special paste, all you have to do is apply the mix to your face and over a month you’ll notice that your hair growth has slowed down considerably.

Organic Treatment

there are no side effects as turmeric is a natural ...

Brighter Skin

with less hair on your face, your skin will look brighter...

Confidence Boost

without facial hair, your confidence levels are sure to ...

Clear Skin

feel clear, hairless skin on your face

Painless Procedure

compared to waxing or laser, turmeric paste is a painless...


Oily Skin No More

The skin on your face has natural oils that shield it. But what if your face has too much excess oil?  Here are a few advises for your skin to aid you ...

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What People Say

I tried the turmeric face mask at Silence In The Night to see what it was about and man did it work wonders! In a month my facial hair had dramatically reduced and it felt a lot smoother. I’m so grateful to these guys!

Here at Silence In The Night we help people cure their skin problems with the help of turmeric; an ingredient that’s sure to revolutionise skincare.

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